Jessica Kinnard

Jessica’s role at BAM is to provide clients with a visual and creative solution to their marketing needs. She is always challenging herself and never fears diving into something new. Her skills include, but are definitely not limited to, conceptualizing ad campaigns, website design, layout of anything from small ads to corporate annual reports, environmental graphics, logos and much more. Jessica’s expertise is in graphic design and creative direction and she loves to see the end result of the marketing process, especially the reactions of the clients when they have met their goals.

Jessica was raised in a very artistic family. She has worked in the creative field since 1998 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She joined BAM in July 2013.

Jessica lives in Crestwood, Missouri. She and her husband, Harry, are the proud parents to two sons and a daughter. She also has a very old cat and an untrained dog. She spends her free time cleaning the house and keeping up with the kid’s homework, but would LIKE to spend her free time expanding her world travel destinations, or at least more U.S. cities when she can.