Peel Pizza

Peel Pizza


We started working with Peel right after it opened in 2010 and the owners were looking for a company to assist in getting their name out there. They were in need of a strategic direction and a plan to execute it. They liked the idea of BAM being a marketing arm for their business.

Over the years, we have grown with them and have created a very strong social media presence with over 10,000 fans on Facebook and a large reach on other social media platforms.  BAM created a marketing plan that best fit their business model to make sure we were reaching the right people for their target demographic.

BAM has been with Peel through some very exciting growth periods. We assisted them through a successful opening of a second location in O’Fallon, Illinois, as well as the launch of their spin-off brand, Peel Brewing Company.  We created their look, brand, website and much more for them over the years.  Their social media presence has been the most successful piece of their marketing strategy, allowing them to keep in touch with their loyal customer base. We are talking to those loyal customers on a daily basis, keeping them updated with the happenings at both Peel locations.

We have recently taken them in a new strategic direction with a larger reach by adding in some traditional mediums, including radio, TV, and local foodie publications.  These campaigns have been very successful for Peel, giving them the exposure they need to gain more customers, as well as the awards and praises they have received for their incredible food.  Peel is very pleased with the services BAM is providing, ensuring that all of their media and messaging is consistent and kept up to date on a daily basis.