Mueller Furniture and Mattress

Mueller Furniture and Mattress
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Mueller Furniture and Mattress is a family-owned furniture store, selling beautiful high end and unique furniture. When we began working with Mueller Furniture, they were executing their own marketing initiatives without working towards an established strategic plan.

BAM has been able to establish an upscale brand and formulate a technique that they are able to showcase their beautiful furniture through creative designs, production and diversifying their advertising mediums. BAM has consulted with the Mueller management team and found a way to expand their customer reach. BAM constructed a marketing strategy that includes a balanced mix of advertising mediums using both traditional and digital techniques working together.

The new brand and marketing strategy has produced record breaking sales since being implemented in 2014. Mueller Furniture has experienced a consistent sales growth pattern and expanded their customer base as a direct result of the media and marketing strategy BAM customized to help them reach their goals.