Market Basket

Market Basket

Market Basket is a family-owned business and has been a pillar of the Edwardsville, IL community for many years, originating from the back of Joe’s pick-up truck. As the local community and the region have grown, several new competitors have moved into the area. In order to continue to thrive, Market Basket has had to maintain and even grow their customer base during this time of increased competition in the marketplace. Joe’s Market Basket now has four locations in the Metro-East area.

When Market Basket hired BAM, they wanted to increase foot traffic and maintain or increase top-of-mind awareness. They knew they had a great reputation to lean on that differentiated them from the competition.

BAM began by providing Market Basket with a strategic marketing plan for the year.  We took the current budget they had been using on internal marketing to their current customers and reallocated it to different mediums, including traditional media to increase their reach.  We focused their marketing dollars on their seasonal campaigns – spring, fall and Christmas.

Market Basket saw an increase in business after the first year of utilizing our customized marketing strategy. For a family-owned company that has been in the community for a long time, it was a major achievement to grow the business as the big name grocers moved in.  We continue to see growth and have maintained loyal customers.  Market Basket has worked with BAM since 2012 and is very happy with the relationship. We continue to move forward, improve marketing efforts and create more opportunities for their growth in the market.