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First Clover Leaf Bank has experienced a consistent growth over the past 10 years. The bank’s growth resulted in new hires, service and product offerings and buildings. At the peak of the growth, the bank needed to expand it’s marketing department, but the current building space would not allow an expansion of the proportions needed. BAM was able to come up with a solution to the bank’s marketing department dilemma.

First Clover Leaf Bank and BAM together found a way to supply the marketing staff and resources the bank needed without having to expand their current office space. BAM assembled a plan to supply the bank with a full-service marketing department that includes administrative and management staff. The bank agreed that outsourcing to BAM afforded them expertise and the full-service marketing department they needed.

BAM is able to provide marketing and media strategy, public relations, internal and external communications, social media and digital strategy, and marketing collateral all from an off-site location. This has provided the bank a budget savings without having to sacrifice their marketing initiatives.