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At BAM, we pride ourselves on truly being a full-service marketing management company, a one-of-a-kind agency in our market. We have the expertise and the resources to take your company through the strategizing process, determine an effective budget, branding and creative services, media planning and execution, and direct your grass roots efforts.

Media Planning & Execution

BAM provides a strategic media/ad campaign based on budgets and primary target demographics. The media plan includes specific allocations for traditional media and digital media. It is critical that each plan is specific to the primary target, and includes the platforms (both traditional and digital) that will be most effective for the campaign. BAM negotiates and executes all media plans from start to finish.

Strategic Planning

BAM works with their clients’ executive management team to determine a long-term marketing strategy, including, Budget, Creative Development & Execution, Website Development, Video/Audio Production, Media Planning, Media Negotiations & Execution, Digital/Online Management, Social Media Management, Public Relations, and Event Planning.

BAM provides their clients with a comprehensive annual marketing plan and manages all aspects of the plan throughout the year. Each plan has sub-plans and budgets, so that allocation of dollars is proportionate to marketing goals and objectives.

Traditional Media

BAM is one of St. Louis’ largest local ad agencies, and is able to negotiate effective and efficient rates and placement for their clients. BAM is an expert in knowing how media inventory works, and is able to utilize that knowledge for their clients’ benefit. BAM guarantees a 25% “value added bonus” on all traditional media campaigns.

Digital Media – SEM

Digital ad campaigns are critical to the success of any marketing campaign in today’s environment. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) plays a vital role in all digital campaigns. BAM develops a digital campaign that can include pay per click, re-marketing, re-targeting, social media display, and video pre-roll. BAM utilizes geo-targets, including demographics (very specific) and geographic areas. BAM is unique in its management of digital campaigns, in that all campaigns are manually managed. BAM is a Google Preferred Partner agency.

Online Management – SEO

BAM provides online management, which includes Website Content and Search Engine Optimization Management, Reputation Management, CRM Management, and Marketing Content and Execution. BAM reviews and reacts to their client’s online presence on a daily basis.

Social Media Management

BAM provides a monthly social media campaign for their clients, with the flexibility to change on a daily basis. BAM will provide content and execute on all social media platforms. BAM utilizes simple software programs that provide daily reminders of interaction of posts. BAM is also alerted whenever there is interaction on social media sites. BAM’s Social Media Management is provided as a resource to enhance a more robust digital campaign. A social media campaign by itself, in most cases, does not produce mass results.

Creative Development

BAM’s creative department provides cutting edge creative campaigns, consisting of Logos, Website Design, Marketing Collateral, Television & Radio Commercials, Print Ads, Direct Mail Designs, Outdoor Designs, Signage, Digital Banner Ads, Digital Pre-Roll Video, Online Marketing Templates and more. BAM provides all services in-house, with the exception of Video & Audio Production and Website Programming.

BAM has several production company and website programmer partnerships and chooses the vendor that best fits the scope of work. BAM manages all aspects of the outsourced vendor and passes the costs through the agency, without mark-up.

Event Planning

BAM has extensive experience in event planning, including, Event Themes, Promotion of Event, and Event Logistics Management. BAM provides their clients Event Planning services as part of a resource to enhance their overall marketing and public relations campaigns. BAM does not offer event planning as a stand-alone service.

Public Relations

BAM provides public relation opportunities for their clients throughout the year, including, Press Release Writing & Execution, News Features, Articles and Blogs. BAM also provides strategic planning for internal employee and external client relations.